Deep Rooted 2021

Introducing, Deep Rooted, a celebration of our South Asian-American identities. Like many of you growing up, we struggled to bridge the gap between both our dynamic cultures. This void was the driving force behind the creation of holiCHIC from the onset. 

Deep Rooted is a ‘slow fashion’ collection inspired by two of our favorite cities in the world, Mumbai and NYC. The three-drop collection represents a thoughtful movement of designing and creating garments for quality, versatility and longevity. It allows you to shop in a more meaningful, sustainable way, building your wardrobe with timeless staples you can wear season after season.

Made primarily from holiCHIC upcycled fabrics, the collection demonstrates a transformation process of using old to make new. Our goal is to offer you a tasteful indo-western fashion experience, leaving you feeling empowered and proud of your dual identities.

Join us in this celebration of a lifestyle that never forgot it’s roots...

Lexington Pants
$ 125.00
Lexington Robe
$ 145.00
Cocoa Brocade headband *NEW
From $ 22.00
Juhu Power Suit
$ 345.00
Noho Patchwork Pants
$ 195.00
Andheri Vest
$ 149.00
Sequin scrunchie
From $ 14.00
Madison Power Suit
$ 295.00
Soho set
$ 225.00
Bandra Power Blazer
$ 235.00
Bandra Power Suit
$ 325.00
Borivali Blazer
$ 195.00
Nolita Blazer
$ 295.00
Taj Dress
$ 195.00
Gramercy Blazer
$ 195.00
Gramercy Skirt Set
$ 285.00
Santa Cruz Dhoti Sari
$ 295.00
Santa Cruz Belt
$ 59.00
Dina scrunchie set
From $ 14.00
Viti Shift dress
$ 239.00