ABCD Campaign

Circa 1987...New York City. A little 5 year old girl was sneaking into her mom's closet to wrap herself in a colorful silk sari and sticking a bindi on her forehead, Then she’d run back to her closet, wrap a little belt around her waist, throw on hoop earrings and a pair of kitten heels. 

Fast forward, 30 years, that little girl grew up, and realized why she always felt like she had “nothing to wear.” It's because she was constantly running between these two closets -- these two different worlds.

Why the differentiation? Just like she represents a blend...of cultures...of identities...Her clothes should do the same.

That when it striked...the idea behind our newest collection, A.B.C.D.


Every collection we launch is incredibly special, but this one in particular, is rooted to our identity: We’re both Indian and American. We can pull off a power suit and a sari with equal finesse. We love leopard prints as much as paisley prints. We’re just as comfortable in a denim lengha as we are in jeans. 

In a way, you can say this collection has been over 30 years in the making. That little girl is no longer confused about her identity. Just as being Indian and American are both a fabric of our being, we've applied the same sentiment to our collection.

Same fabric, just different silhouettes. Pieces cut from the same cloth -- literally and figuratively -- just like our dual identities.