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Trendsetter. Rule Breaker. Individual. Anything but basic.

They march to the beat of their own drum.

The holiCHIC squad for Spring/Summer 2018 is a Badass Band of Fashion Influencers who are admired for their personal style. They have an innate ability to find uniqueness in what’s different and own it. Every carefully-selected detail in their outfit is dripping in personality.

Never overdone...just, chic.

What better girl gang to gather for a round of dress up? Each influencer has been styled in garments from holiCHIC Designer, Megha Rao and Creative Director, Pooja Desai Shah. They were then asked to deconstruct the look and re-style it themselves - using accessories and pieces from their own archives. The results were fabulous.

These ladies prove you can be a badass bride or best dressed guest one week and an effortlessly cool, street style star the next - wearing (and re-wearing) the same pieces.

The ladies behind holiCHIC strive to show fashion enthusiasts that you can holiCHIC your way and make your own rules. As they’ve always said, these items are curated by them, but inspired by you. They hope to see their wearers continue to inspire, by breaking the stereotype of what’s “traditional” and styling the pieces in their own fearless, ‘gram-worthy way.

Enter to win an outfit from our new collection!

Show us how you wear, re-design and repeat your holiCHIC by posting a photo of you on Instagram using the #holiCHICmyway and tagging us @holichicbymegha.

Winner will be announced in August on our instagram page!

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