Meet our bossCHICs

  • "Style is about looking back at something 10 years down the line and believe that look transcends time. 

    It's one of the important questions I ask myself before making a large purchase."

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  • "I’ve learned over the years to really trust my intuition, and I when I do it always serves me. 

    Find the space that nobody else is in and go in and own it before anyone else does."

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  • Melanie

    "Establish good work ethic now, if you haven’t already.

    It’s a virtue that will pay dividends with every passing year.

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  • Payal

    "The only voice that matters is your own. 

    The only thoughts that matter are the ones you choose to think about. "

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Who is the bossCHIC?

Daughters, sisters, moms, best friends...bosses.

Unhibited, unimpeded, unlimited by everyone else’s expectations. She makes and breaks her own rules - a true disruptor. Her style is unconventional - her attention to detail unmatched. She is unapologetic about working for and getting exactly what she wants, right down to the clothes she wears.

Get inspired by this empowered set of South Asian women who aren’t afraid to think big and be badass. These woman embody what is means to be a boss.

Meet our bossCHICs

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Ami Rawal Desai

Ami Rawal Desai

Lifestyle & Beauty expert

@amirawaldesai "Mama Boss"

A lover of all things fashion, beauty and lifestyle, especially when it comes to mom life. This host believes in simplifying how to look good, quick, so that every busy woman’s lifestyle can be streamlined and flawless.

Anjula Acharia

Anjula Acharia

Venture Capitalist, Manager to Priyanka Chopra

@anjula_acharia "Tinsel Town Boss"

The investor and celebrity manager to Quantico star Priyanka Chopra falls somewhere between Silicon Valley & Hollywood Hills. Part glamour, all brains this worldwide boss believes in meditation and geeks out when her two worlds collide.

Melanie Chandra

Melanie Chandra


@melaniechandra "Primetime Boss"

The "Code Black" actress believes in highlighting your unique talents and flaunting your fearless style. Owns being a strong woman, exudes confidence and never apologies for either.

Payal Kadakia

Payal Kadakia


@payal222 "Crunch-time Boss"

The dancer and creator of the hugely popular fitness app, ClassPass, worked it until her brain child became the buzz word on the lips of the boutique fitness scene. Dedicated to setting herself apart, this boss let her passion for her own obesssion, dance, lead her fearless charge. 

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