Megha Rao

Designer & Curator

Born and raised in the fashion capital of the world, New York City, Megha has spent the last decade walking the runway for India’s top designers. A tastemaker herself, the seasoned model turns to the other side of the runway making it easy for women to look and feel glamorous. Her attention to detail offers a quality line of exclusive, affordable, fashionable options with bold reverberations for all who wear it.

A communications major, Megha has an extensive background in business management while also pursuing her passion for fashion through various outlets. Growing up, Megha would take trips to India every summer and grew fond of creating dresses from fabrics and treasures she would find in the market. Hobby turned passion, Megha has learned to view fashion as a form of art and individuality. She now strives to extend this vision out to the world. Truly multifaceted, her illustrations exude a fashion experience and secure maximum style impact.

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