Melanie Chandra - Actress

  • What words would you use to describe your style?

    Simple, chic, with a bit of NYC edge

  • What are your three favorite pieces in your closet right now?

    My Saint Laurent lace-up leather booties . Grey cashmere open drape collar cardigan from Theory. Chloe Faye shoulder bag in black.

  • What does the term “bossCHIC” mean to you?

    It means owning your power as a woman and reflecting that strength and conviction in what you choose to wear. With no apologies.

  • Who is the ultimate bossCHIC in your eyes?


  • What was the best advice a mentor or manager ever gave you? What advice do you have for the next generation of ‘bossCHIC(ks)?

    The best advice a mentor gave me is to always say thank you. Give full and public credit where credit is due. It means a ton to the person who went out of their way to help you, to have their efforts acknowledged. It also strengthens the foundation of any relationship. As you get further in your career, you’ll understand how relationship building is essential to your success.

    My advice for the next generation: Focus on activities that make you feel good about yourself and highlight your unique talents, rather than pursuing what others think is “cool.” And establish good work ethic now, if you haven’t already. It’s a virtue that will pay dividends with every passing year. 

  • What was your 'aha' moment? How did you decide to do what you do today?

    Before I became an actor and producer, I was working in a corporate job. But I would study theater and improv on my weekends. I met another actor, and we started writing our own two-person comedy acts together. We performed at small venues primarily, but one weekend we did our show in Chicago and it ended up drawing 500 people in the audience! The instant, positive feedback from the audience was so encouraging. Having created that opportunity from scratch, I was so fulfilled, energized, and proud. And I never experience such passion and ownership from anything I had ever done in my corporate career.

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