Our Label

Growing up as a first generation Indian-American in NYC, designer Megha Rao was constantly inspired by her vibrant Eastern & Western cultures.
This interlace was the driving force behind the creation of brand, holiCHIC. A brand rooted in culture, stimulated by the diaspora. Traditional, yet rebellious. Classic, yet bold. 
The name, much like the collection, symbolizes a fresh perspective. The word “Holi," taken from the Hindu spring festival symbolizing color and love. Paired with “Chic,” creating a new standard of modern opulence.
With designs highly influenced by Mumbai and NYC, the label represents a thoughtful movement of creating meaningful garments for versatility and longevity.
Designed with artisanal craftsmanship, holiCHIC is built to facilitate shopping in a sustainable way, building your wardrobe with staples you can wear season after season.
Our goal is to offer our wearers an exclusive fashion experience leaving them feeling bold, proud and empowered.